代表. Ro Khanna鹦鹉激进分子幻想萨克拉门托蜜蜂专栏


就像激进分子一样,众议员. Ro Khanna pushed rhetorical illusion while providing zero evidence for false and unproven claims.


1.    卡纳的幻想: “It’s time for California to stop building new fossil fuel projects … no new oil drilling, 没有新的管道,没有新的炼油厂.”

加州的现实: Keeping more of California’s energy resources in the ground won’t lower our demand for oil. 加州消耗1.每天800万桶石油用于运输, 电力企业, 种植粮食, 生产数以千计的消费品. 其中只有26%是在本州生产的,而且需求只会增加. Shutting down in-state production would not end the California economy’s huge need for energy. 而, it would only result in more oil being imported from foreign sources on tanker ships and railways, 影响住房负担能力, 可靠性, 和安全.

作为州长布朗 放到2015年他说:“就在皇冠新现金官网app说话的时候,加州人正在燃烧从伊拉克运来的汽油, 从俄罗斯, from Venezuela and all sorts of other places … so whatever we don’t do here we are going to get from somewhere else.”

2.    卡纳的幻想: “纽森应该给2分,500-foot buffer zone” to “ensure that not one more person must bear the health burden of the oil and gas industry’s pollution in their backyard or schoolyard.”

加州的现实: 正如康纳所指出的,没有证据证明这一说法, 研究驳斥了石油和天然气设施会对健康造成不良影响的观点. 例如, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health (LADPH) has thoroughly reviewed this question, evaluating seven Environmental Impact 代表orts and two Health Impact Assessments of oil and gas production sites in a recent comprehensive report. A technical analysis of these assessments found no evidence of significant adverse public health impacts or risks. 事实上, one study included in the LADPH report found that doing away with oil and gas operations would have no appreciable effect on public health.

除了, 社区 Health Assessments of the Inglewood Oil Field in 2011 and 2015 confirmed that the health outcomes of residents near the field to be similar to (and often better than) the health of residents throughout Los Angeles County and in areas where no oil production occurs. In another study – the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s assessment of oil and gas operations presented to the Stationary Source Board found that toxins and particulate matter were “similar to levels observed in typical ambient air” and “below short-term exposure health guidance levels.”

简而言之, Khanna is perpetrating a myth by pushing the narrative that oil and gas operations cause negative health impacts. 超过24个是本地的, 区域, state and federal agencies regulate every step of the production process in California to ensure public health and environmental protections. California oil and gas is produced under the most stringent emission control regulations in the world.

3.    卡纳的幻想: Newsom can “jump start a clean energy revolution that will create thousands of good-paying jobs” while providing “justice for industry workers and their communities” to “ensure the clean energy revolution leaves no one behind.”

加州的现实: 而活动人士喜欢谈论工人和社区的“过渡”, 事实并没有被抖出来——工人们也不相信. 根据资本矩阵咨询公司的分析, 石油和天然气行业支持55,加州的000个工作岗位, and experts often point out that “transitioning” workers isn’t as straightforward as it sounds.

杜克大学能源研究所所长布赖恩·默里, 最近在《皇冠新现金官网app》上写道:

In theory, new renewables jobs could be filled by workers exiting the fossil fuel industry. But the need for rapid transferability of skills and inter区域 migration of labor presents challenges. 现场电工, 例如, 可能会发现将他们的技术从油田重新应用到风力发电场很容易, but how easily can a derrick worker become a solar panel installer or an underground miner become a wind turbine service technician? 这种转变需要什么样的再培训呢, 需要多长时间, 以及不同职业之间的工资差异是怎样的?

既不是激进分子也不是众议员. 康纳对默里的问题有答案了吗. 和, 此外, 最近的经济分析表明,“公正过渡”不过是一个话题. One analysis by Capitol Matrix Consulting found that jobs in the renewable energy sector pay significantly less than oil and gas production industry jobs. “绿色”工作的平均工资是66美元,每年000, 这比油气生产的平均成本(113美元)低42%,000). 除了, the average “green” job pays 33% less than the average oil and gas pipeline and construction sector job ($99,000).

These facts have led workers and labor leaders to question the veracity of “transition” promises. 罗比·亨特,加州建筑与建筑行业委员会主席 最近告诉Politico: “All it does is do what the Democratic Party seems to be very good at lately — which is export our jobs, 而在游戏结束时却什么都不做, 也就是环境.’’

4.    卡纳的幻想: 加州对石油和天然气“上瘾”.

加州的现实: 石油和天然气是对皇冠新现金官网app生活质量至关重要的通用资源. 他们提供可靠的, affordable sources of energy and raw materials that are currently essential for Californians to grow and deliver food, 家庭供暖, 燃料运输, 电力企业, 创造成千上万的产品,让皇冠新现金官网app的生活更美好.

当地的石油和天然气生产是碳中和的必要条件.  Khanna ignores the versatility of petroleum far beyond its role as the preeminent fuel source.  Petroleum compensates for the intermittency of renewable energy and serves a critical role in building materials, 医疗设备, zero-emission vehicles and renewable energy components and thousands of products essential to modern society.

By pushing false and unproven claims as part of a radical narrative against the oil and gas industry, 代表. 康纳在给加州人帮倒忙. 选民和决策者应该拥有一个以科学和事实为基础的能源未来, 不夸张的幻想.

Khanna’s hardline “keep it in the ground” position is directly at odds with energy policy experts who say a broad mix of energy sources will be necessary to reliably power the future while drastically lowering emissions. 例如, 加州科学技术委员会的全面审查 of the state’s energy future concluded that even with “rapid and aggressive” deployment of renewable energy, oil and natural gas will still be “imperative” for several purposes and sectors of the economy beyond 2050. 类似地, U.S. 美国能源信息管理局2019年年度能源展望 found that traditional sources like oil and natural gas will still provide a large majority of the country’s total energy needs in 2050.

加州的石油和天然气工业正朝着新能源的未来努力, 与可再生能源开发商合作投资新技术, 从而降低碳强度,降低消费者的成本. The industry recognizes that both traditional and renewable energy sources are vital to our future.

皇冠新现金官网app邀请代表. 康纳要加入这个现实.